Why: There exists a general crisis in what we know and how we have come to know it

At the moment, it is pretty difficult to get a good purchase on what the truth is or even get close to what we might consider to be the truth. Our political economic systems are extremely bent on making a few people even richer at the expense of more getting poorer. It is easier for the powerful to blame people like illegal immigrants, ex-convicts, drug addicts for societal woes than it is for them to concede that what they contribute to the systemic fracture which produces the underlying social and economic problems in these peoples’ lives. It is these very systems directly coerce major social institutions which surround our daily lives into drastically warping information, thereby distorting what we know about the world. Corrupt politicians, increasing inequality, it all seems beyond our control to change and it is because we have been strategically distracted from caring about it and instead indulge in the instant gratifications there are in the shops and on the internet. While not all of us live in ignorance, even in the institutions charged with finding out about these increasing problems are experiencing their own crisis. The very political economic system has changed the way we have come to learn about these major social changes, it has altered how we have come to know reality because more and more, social research is defined a series of measurable outcomes, digestible graphs and statistics which are more important to policymakers and politicians than real, everyday circumstances of the people who suffer the most in society. The use of these figures, numbers and important-sounding headlines helps maintain ignorance over the populace for it does not accurately represent the complexities of their lives.

  • Alternative Vista is concerned with representing a growing number of people who are being disenfranchised by a political economic system which only benefits from their misery.